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14 April 2019

Thank you, ZWOLLE (NL)

Holy flamethrower, Hedon, you guys know how to rock! Thank you for an awesome and sold out night in ZWOLLE. Hope to see you soon!

13 April 2019

Big bada-boom, Bibelot!

Thank you, DORDRECHT (NL), for an awesome and sold out return. Even the fire alarm sensors thought we were too hot, but we enjoyed having some drinks with you in the meantime. What a remarkable night. Hope to see you soon!

31 März 2019

Danke, BERLIN!

BERLIN, war das ein Brett! Das Kesselhaus liegt in Schutt und Asche. Vielen Dank für die ausverkaufte Hütte und die geile Stimmung! Wir sehen uns am 28.03.20 wieder.